From FitFam to #MLaffair21 – Enjoy the Beauty of Yewande & Lukman’s Nikah Ceremony

Today, we’re all about the #MLaffair21! Yewande and Lukman have begun their “ever after ” journey and this beautiful love story started with a mutual friend, a bank and the Gym!

We’ve just got to give props to friends who do well to connect us with our soulmates and today’s lovebirds have their friend, Nasrat to thank. Finding a common ground which was the gym, Nasrat introduced both fitness lovers to each other and a love story bloomed from there. You’ll read all about it just the way Lukman shares – just keep scrolling! The love has now ultimately led to this precious moment in time where the two have become one.

After their trad, Yewande and Lukman tied the knot in a beautiful Muslim Nikah wedding ceremony. Friends, family and loved ones were present to celebrate with the couple as they took their love to the next level. The #MLaffair21 wedding came with so much beauty, we just can’t stop drooling. From their fashion to the overall fun and joy on their big day, the wedding was an all-around joyous affair. Their transition video fed us so much cuteness and now we’ve got their wedding photos to add to it!

Enjoy all the beautiful moments from their wedding below.

The #MLaffair21 love story as shared by Lukman:

I met my Wendy Boo a few days before Valentine’s day in 2019. We worked in the same bank and a friend and colleague of mine, Nasrat had told me about her. She told me Wendy Boo was a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out and I enjoy working out too.

So Nasrat and I planned that she would stylishly bring Wendyboo to my gym for an introduction. And that was how we met. I was curious to know if she had a boyfriend and so on Valentine’s day I stylishly asked her the Nigerian way if she was going out with her boyfriend and she said she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Now, let’s check out Lukman as he gets ready as well…

I was so happy when she said she didn’t. That same day, I quickly went to the gift shop close by and got her this little antique teddy. (She later told me that gesture was the spark for her). To seal the deal, I invited her for a 3-course meal a few days later.

Nasrat had already told her that I was an excellent cook, and a healthy meal lifestyle coach so this even made her agree to the date and I didn’t disappoint.

It’s Nikah O’clock!

One of the things that drew me closer to her was how my Wendy Boo assisted me in starting my healthy food business. Something everyone had tried to make me do for years to no avail. Na she get my mumu button. I asked her to be my girlfriend and we took our relationship to the next level.

The proposal:

On our 2nd year anniversary, I took her to Abuja to celebrate but I had made other plans with her friends and sisters. One Saturday morning, we went hiking at Usuma Dam and in the middle on a little island by the lake in the presence of her friends, her sisters and my friends, I proposed.

Now it’s reception time! Enjoy the feel of the beautiful decor…

Gotta love how Yewande and Lukman switched it up for the reception with their second outfits…

Let the party begin!

Make way for the bride and groom!

To the magic of the first dance…

Time for daddy and his little girl to have their dance…

Mother and son time!

The lovebirds feeding each other – love to see it! 😍

After the show is the after-party!



Bride: @wandetobun
Photography: @hon_teezee
Planners: @finethingsevents | @events_by_aisha
Makeup: @ibiyemiglamour_
Nikkah and reception dress: @bridalaccent
Nikkah Shoes: @aisha_accessory
Bouquet: @all_bellaz 

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