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She Said Yes! Yolanda & Joel’s #BNBling Moment Will Make Your Day

Of all the beautiful stories that life gives us, our favourites remain the ones about love! Today, we’re basking in the excitement of a forever love journey as we enjoy another story that started with a mutual friend playing Cupid.

Yolanda and Joel met through a friend who thought they would be perfect for each other. He was right! The pair hit it off nicely and so it began. Now, Joel has taken it a notch higher as he asked Yolanda to be in his life forever. You already know the answer to this, as here we are drooling over their beautiful proposal photos.

See the sweet proposal below and enjoy their love story as the lovebirds tell it.

Their love story as shared by Yolanda:

Joel and I met through a mutual friend – Eji baby! In December 2021, I attended a fire and sand party (bonfire by the beach) which Ejiro was also at (Ejiro and I have known each other since August 2020).  A few days after the bonfire event, Ejiro sent me a DM to ask if I was dating someone and since I wasn’t dating, he asked to set up a date with his “nice friend”. On the 13th of December, Joel and I met for ice cream at Hans and Rene before I had to travel to Abuja for the holiday. We stayed in touch afterwards – speaking and texting every day and about a month later, we started dating. I think we both kinda knew this was it! This was “the” relationship.

Here’s Joel’s side of the story:

December 6 2020, began just like every other day – except that it wasn’t going to end that way. I had just closed from work and was having a chat with my friend and buddy Ejiro aka Eji baby, about how I should’ve attended Fire and Sand after seeing all the fun on IG that I had missed out on. He responded, “and the girls made sense o”. Then quickly followed up by sharing some interesting IG handles (real G right there!). I had an obvious interest and a few days later, he helped set up a meeting. On the 13th of December, I and Yolanda shared our first moments over ice cream. About a month later, we committed to a relationship.

Yolanda shares Joel popped the question:

I knew my engagement was close, but I didn’t think Joel will actually do it on my birthday (lol). We already planned to celebrate my birthday by ourselves, in our hotel, out for dinner and back to the hotel to chill. One will wonder why I was so dressed up right? Well, I’ll usually dress up on my birthday to take pictures for the gram. So on April 3rd, as planned, we chilled in our hotel and went out for dinner. Afterwards, Joel says we should stop briefly at his friend’s meet and greet. In my head, I was like, “On my birthday?” But then, I agreed – little did I know.

I think at this point, it’s important to note that the meet and greet was at the same place we had our first date and it still didn’t click. Next thing I know, I’m walking into Hans and Rene and hearing, “Surprise!” I actually thought they mistook me for the bride until I saw my friends! Well, as the saying goes, pictures have a thousand words. So, I’ll just let them speak to you!



Bride-to-be @yo.lly
Groom-to-be @mr_sepode
Makeup @reetahhhbeauty
Dress @ogenoraa
Photography @upfrontweddings
Decor @Kemelda_Events
Location @hansandrene

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    Opelia Ezeh
    September 16, 2022 at 2:07 PM

    Sep Sep Sep!
    Congratulations man. Your lady is breathtakingly gorgeous!
    So excited!!!
    Please keep me posted on the wedding arrangements.

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