Now That You’ve Said Yes, Here are 5 Money Things You Should Do

Congratulations darling! He has finally popped the question. I’m sure nosy aunties have already picked out your Aso-ebi colours. I bet your squad is ready to show up and break necks! I can tell you’re still planning to have the best wedding possible considering all 2020 related circumstances. I feel you, boo. If you

But grab a seat. I shared 5 important money questions to ask before you say yes, this time let’s talk about one little detail that’ll still matter after the big day: money.

Here are 5 money things to do after you say yes. [Oh, and even if you’re single as a pringle right now, girl, still take notes.]

Disclose Net Worths

Forget us. You can show us your highlight reels. But bae? Make sure you and bae show each other what’s really going on behind the scenes before the forever show starts.

Know the numbers. The exact numbers you’re working with. How much is your total debt as a human being? How much is your partner’s? How much are your assets worth? Do y’all even have assets? When you subtract your combined liabilities from your combined assets, is your joint net worth negative? Positive?
My professional opinion – set up a date night number-crunching session. The two essentials for the session are wine and a calculator.

Build A Hangover Fund

People will eat your rice. They’ll enjoy your small chops. They’ll turn up and find their own forever partners at your wedding. But after they clean their mouths and go to their houses, it’ll be just you and your spouse sitting pretty in oh so wonderful marital bills.

You’ll wake up after the honeymoon and reality will come knocking! Best response? What I call A Hangover Fund. While you’re setting money aside for the centrepieces and premium small chops, ensure that you’re also setting money aside to take care of yourselves right after the wedding. Don’t be out here having money fights when you should be having all the newlywed sex in the world. That’s ghetto.

Discuss Goals

Where are y’all trying to be by the end of year one? And year five? Yeah, talk about it. Also, make a plan. We can’t be out here having fluffy dreams that cannot be executed. Set up yet another date night, write out your combined short and long term goals and make a list of all the steps that will help y’all get there.

This exercise will keep you both focused on what really matters even when the world gets noisy. Trust me, after the wedding, everyone will have opinions about what you both should be doing every step of the way. Your list will help you both keep the noise out.

Compare Budgets

How much money do you both have coming in every month? How much do you have going out? Where do the additions and subtractions need to take place for your combined goals to be attainable?

I suggest having this conversation the same day that you both disclose net worths. The wine and calculator would really come in handy. Put your budget next to baes budget and find out your areas of synergy.


Have ‘The Talk’

Pre-game is over. The real party is about to start and you both are throwing it without a planner. Who’s gonna handle sound? Who’s in charge of small chops? How many people are y’all letting in?

Do you think I am talking about the wedding party? Nah boo. I am talking about life. Life after the wedding. Who’s going to do what? It’s time to discuss roles and responsibilities.


Yooo! You made it to the end of yet another post. See why I never get tired of pouring into you? You are so determined to get your finances in order and I love to see it! But don’t forget to share this with your tribe. And if you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to ask away in the comments section. I’ll be hanging out there for the next hour or so. Love you, boo!

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