Aisha & Kunle Definitely Came With All The Vibes at Their Wedding!

It’s already established that Nigerian weddings are unmatched. Within or outside the country, Nigerians definitely know how to celebrate. Now, when that celebration involves love, then you already know we’re fully interested and of course, excited!

Aisha and Kunle exchanged their vows to forever love each other and everything about their wedding was a movie. Today, we’re enjoying their wedding video as it puts us in perfect high spirits for the weekend. Aisha and her girls came with so much energy, it’s almost impossible to match. We’ve also got to talk about her elegant wedding dress. Aisha most certainly didn’t come to play! Now, her sweetheart Kunle, was definitely not taking the backseat as he also came on with the vibes. His groomsmen were also there with the moral support to bring on more vibes. Games, food, drinks and all that makes a party fun were fully present.

We absolutely love a good wedding party and #TheAkaffair was all that and more! Watch the wedding video below and see your energy move to a 100%


Videography: @Wrgoimagery

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