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Ajifa & Amara Brought All The Sauce to Their Pre-wedding Shoot!

Couples that slay together, stay together! That’s the gospel Ajifa and Amara‘s pre-wedding shoot is preaching and we’re totally here for it! We most certainly can’t help our excitement when we see lovebirds going on to seal their love forever.

Ajifa and her forever boo, Amara are gearing up for their big day and went on to serve us premium slay sauce for their pre-wedding shoot. We absolutely love a stylish couple and these lovebirds came through dripping in style! Ajifa’s exquisite suit is one for the style books and that brown dress, matching her boo’s suspender outfit is everything. We’re loving the chemistry and love they exude and oh, the way they look at each other! Love undoubtedly lives here and we’re totally rooting for them.

Check out all the beautiful photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:



Groom: @amara.nwankpa
Bride’s wardrobe: @wangerayu
Stylist: @_shanpepe_
Hair: @abeyfrank
Makeup: @dyanbeauty__
Groom’s Vanilla Linen Suit: @tiva_Bespoke
Photography: @thecannonphotography

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