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Habeeb Offered to Get Her Food and Got Down on One Knee Four Years After!

Don’t you just love #BNBling moments? Because we really do.

Barbara, the bride-to-be, went out with a couple of friends and somehow, her friend got too engrossed in a game to pay any attention to her. However, Habeeb seized that opportunity to take her out to get food. A few Snapchat gist and dates later, Habeeb planned a beautiful proposal and guess Barbara‘s response? You guessed right! She said, “yes!”.

Check out how the proposal went down and just in case you missed the other proposal features, not to worry. You can catch up here.

The bride-to-be gives us the whole scoop of their love story below:

Habeeb and I met sometime in March of 2015. I was in my 3rd year in the University at this time he was also in university at the time. He schooled in Toronto and my university was about an hour and a half way from his. I had a couple of  friends who lived in Toronto so I would go there once a while to visit and just chill. School was getting stressful and  I needed a break from everything. So, I called up my friend Onyinye and told her I was coming to visit. I packed some bits and hopped on a bus to Toronto. The following day, Onyinye went to work all day, so I got bored and texted our mutual friend to take me out. He then replied that he had a soccer game and asked if I wanted to come.

John and a friend picked me up and there was Habeeb sitting in there. We all went to his house and the guys started playing FIFA. John got into the game and forgot about me lol. Habeeb heard me telling John that I was hungry and offered to take me to get food. We got the food, went for the game and we all went home after that. About two weeks after, I got a text from John saying Habeeb sent his regards. Big grin on my face lol. Couple weeks after, sent his regards again. This time, I asked John to give Habeeb my Snapchat ID.

We started talking on snap here and there. Finally, he asked for my number and we started calling each other for hours and we would sleep through the phone calls. We went on our first date, then second and four years later, he planned this beautiful surprise proposal.




Bride-to-be: @_baffour
Groom-to-be: @habeeb080
Photography: @f10studio


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    Neemat Idera
    June 21, 2019 at 10:53 AM

    Dad first told me Habeeb wants to engage Barbra, i was kinda shocked like, my little brother of then now planning to settle down Then on that day, i called him and he sent me a video of the ring, i was in tears, mum was like, are you okay? I told her I’m just feeling emotional cos he’s the only boy we have, so i welcome Barbra to the family and then told her she’s marrying us all, with mum, she’s got 6 ladies to settle with, we love her

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