On The 2nd Day of Christmas, BNW Gives To You – 2 Things To Consider Before Saying “I do”

Editor’s Note: Hello there! Trust the season is smiling upon you with sweet goodies. We’ve got goodies of our own as we will be bringing you fun and interesting features as we happily countdown to Christmas. Christmas is officially 10 days away and on today’s episode, we spoke to some of our faves on what they’d consider two of the most important things to check out before eventually saying “I do”. Their insightful nuggets are what we will be sharing with you as the perfect second day of Christmas gift! 

“…To have and to hold, forever and always – I do!” Like music to our ears, this gets us absolutely giddy, now how much more the lovebirds exchanging this beautiful promise to each other. Love truly is a beautiful thing, but beyond that, it’s also a decision. A constant choosing of one person over and again, forever.

Marriage certainly is one of the biggest decisions a person can ever make and it is only right that some important boxes are checked before taking this big step. We spoke to relationship expert, Ola Soetan aka Secret place husband as well as two of our faves, Abisola and Seyi (The Shofs) on the two most important things to consider before getting hitched and they shared some insightful nuggets with us.

Abisola and Seyi share

Be Friends!

A true deep friendship with your partner, where you thoroughly enjoy each other’s companionship, and despite your differences, they fully get you and you fully get them.

Be Spiritually Aligned

It just forms a solid foundation that defines the rest of your relationship. It’s like operating a machine using the same manual, it only makes sense.

Here’s what Ola Soetan has to say: 


Giving each other the chance to grow and forcing no changes.


You must be each other’s number one fan, supporter and protector. Never stop buying into each other in every way.

Wait, didn’t we say 2? Well, it’s the season of giving right? Santa sure came early! Trust you found this as insightful as we did. We’ll be back tomorrow with some more goodies. Cheers! 😅

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