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From Her Boss to Something More! David & Sheba’s Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos Will Make Your Day

Sheba met the love of her life, David, when she went for NYSC. And they’re about to share a lifetime of love and service. Their love story is unique in its own beautiful way. And their pre-wedding photos make us all the more excited!
Youth service has continued to prove itself as a hotspot for finding love. And we have another proof! Our gorgeous bride-to-be, Sheba set out to serve her fatherland without an inclination that her fatherland also had a special package for her. ?
Continue scrolling to read their love story and see all the love lovely pre-wedding photos.
So it all started in June 2017, when I had just started my NYSC primary assignment.
My friend who was in the same CDS group as I told me she knew someone who worked in my office and lived around me so she could speak to him pick me up every day and he agreed.
So he started taking me every day and we grew fond of each other. On a Friday after work, we decided to go and get something to eat. Then we both realized we had feelings for each other, but I didn’t want anything exclusive. Because I didn’t want a relationship with my boss. Things got awkward cause I started avoiding him and I even stopped following him to work.
Months later, after NYSC, on a random Sunday, he came and picked me up for us to talk. He said I was done with NYSC so I didn’t have any excuse again. Lol. He was right. I was so happy he called, as I was thinking about him a lot. Well, we got exclusive and the rest is as they say history.

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