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School Fellowship Brought Doyin & Bayo Together

Many beautiful things happen on campus. Asides from the learning that goes on in school, it is a very great ground for building connections and social networks and one of such avenues is the school fellowship. This is where the beautiful love story of Doyin and Bayo began!

It was love at first sight for fellowship president, Bayo, when he set eyes on Doyin for the first time. For Doyin, a 100 level student at the time, what she was concerned about was joining the fellowship workforce. Now how did #TheLawalAffair come about? Doyin and Bayo give us the full gist. We’ll let you find out for yourself as you scroll. We’re totally loving their beautiful pre-wedding shoot and the glistening love in their eyes.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Bayo:

Humans sometimes compete with the sun for radiance, beauty and sunshine. That was my first thought the first day I saw Doyin walk into the fellowship auditorium in a white dress. She looked like an angel. Completely awestruck, I almost forgot I had come into church to seek God’s face. I made a mental note to find her when next we had service at church.

Week after week I searched for this beauty in church and couldn’t find her. At the end of my futile search each time, I bit my lips for being such an idiot to allow her to go the first time I saw her. Then one day, she walked into church. I stared at this angel with intention until our eyes locked. No! I didn’t take off my stare. I wasn’t going to make that mistake a second time. No jokes, but I heard melodies, I saw butterflies. In that instant, we were the only ones that existed in the space.

After service, she walked up to me as the president of the fellowship and said she wanted to join the workforce. I was caught unaware, I was stunned at the proximity, I managed to utter eermmm… worker… before I caught myself and responded oh really and  then smiled. She smiled back, my heart skipped a beat. My interest in her intensified while taking her group lessons in church, but at the time, a first-class was the goal. We continued to see in church and serve until I decided I was going to be deliberate about our relationship and ask her out. I sought God’s face in prayers and got my leading to go ahead. I just wasn’t sure how.

On her birthday, 12th November 2016, jittering hands and shaking legs, I went to her hostel early in the morning to give her the gift I had gotten for her – A book inside which I hid a long love note asking her to be mine. Then, the silence… she did not say anything or refer to the incidence for months… Had I jeopardized my friendship with
her? Did she not open the note? I had no way of knowing, I just waited. A really long wait.

Finally, on the 1st of January 2017, after cross-over service, I received one of the best massages of my life from Doyin. It read: “Yes I will be your partner, yes I will be your lover, yes I will be your wife, I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. What a way to start a new year! I was overjoyed. I became hopeful and thought about it a hundred times and more that this babe could be my wife. 4 years after, I am still speechless at the sight of you, grateful to God I found my soul mate while serving, and blessed beyond measure to be doing life with my best friend.

Here’s how Doyin shares their love story:

I met Bayo at the fellowship when I was in 100 level. I joined the workforce and he was in charge of training. I was quite unserious during the training which lasted for weeks. If I wasn’t absent, I showed up without writing materials. He was amiable but would always ask me, ‘where is your jotter’? I eventually had to get one to avoid his consistent call out. We became friends and got really close, he would inquire about my academics, grades, give me solid advice on balancing school and church activities. We became so close I used to say I could trust him with my life. But I had no clue he had intentions for us until one day.

It took me some months to answer him because I needed to be convinced, he was truly the one even though we were friends. His friendship is unmatched, our conversations are soul to soul. I am blessed to have him in my life. Words do not do justice to what Bayo means to me. The way I feel about him is beyond any friendship, any relationship I’ve ever known and that’s why I couldn’t help saying YES to him. The rest they say is history. We are counting down to our ‘Yes to Forever’ day!!!

It was my birthday, Bayo called me early in the morning that he was outside my hostel’s gate and had a gift for me. I honestly thought it was a cake but lo and behold, he gave me a book! I felt weird at first only for me to discover something amazing in the book. It was a long note. I was excited and scared. I’ve seen a fair amount of sweet words from guys in my lifetime but nothing could compare with the overwhelming feeling of having every single emotion I’ve ever experienced manifest in my body all at the same time as I read through those endearing words. I had to read it a million times.


Bride: @ade_dhoney
Groom: @bayolaw_
Jacket & Boots: @zara
Make-up: @artistrybylisaa | @Misi_touch
Hairstylist: @sholex_touch
Hair: @lewahairs
Photography: @raremagic_gallery
Planner: @rightessential
Beach Dress: @tonayas_creation
Groom’s Native: @b3clothing
Bride’s Native: @Leniqs

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