Folake & Tobi’s Yoruba Trad is all The Colour Your Day Needs!

We can never get over the beauty of culture, especially as it relates to the celebration of love. Today, we’re taking a good insight into the Yoruba culture of celebrating love and it has us super giddy.

Folake and her sweetheart, Tobi tied the knot in a beautiful Yoruba traditional engagement and it was a bright splash of colours and vibrance. From the morning preparations to the ceremony itself to the all-around vibes and cheer… Folake was such an exquisitely elegant bride and Tobi came through suave as well. Folake and Tobi’s wedding was full of love, and a beautiful display of culture. We bet you want to take in every bit of it.

Enjoy their beautiful trad video below.



Videography: @maxwelljennings

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