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Own Your Big Day Like a Fairy Princess With this Beauty Look

As a little girl, you probably always dreamed of being a fairy princess. Growing up and imagining your big day, you know that little girl is still in there somewhere and all she’d love is for you to come through like the princess you’ve always envisioned.

Guess what? We’ve got you a bridal beauty look that can give you just that! The makeup by Glam Drop comes through with that sultry glow for a true African princess. The different shades of nude all blend to accentuate the rich melanin skin tone. Hair Artistry by Lola came through with that sleek Hollywood wave that we’ve come to love. We’re absolutely in love with the golden hair accessory as it offers that Nubian queen effect. The robe also contributes to give this look it’s 10/10 edge and we’re absolutely drooling. So is your big day around the corner and would you love to bring your fairy princess dream to life? Then this bridal beauty look is definitely for you.

Check out the bridal beauty look below:



Hairstylist: @hairartistrybylola
Hair: @dbeautyhair
Accessories: @accessories_by_nini
Robe: @robesandprops

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