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A Viral Dance Video Brought Jennie & Noble Together!

There’s a starting point for all things. Love is not an exemption. Different events take place in life that lead two people to meet and ultimately, falling in love with each other. For Jennie and Noble, it was a viral dance video!

Jennie being a prolific dancer had shown her talents at her best friend’s wedding where she literally brought the roof down. This, of course, was her happy moment and she most probably didn’t think much of it. But love as always had a plan! The video of this beautiful dancer went viral and Noble who was a friend to the videographer also saw it. This led to the two connecting and now what we have is two hearts dancing to the rhythm of their love! Their pre-wedding shoot is giving is the feels of love and its undeniable beauty. The chemistry between these two is nothing short of exciting and we just can’t get enough of the sweethearts.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot as well as their beautiful love story the way Noble tells it below.

Their love story as told by Noble:

A couple of years ago, Jennie exhibited her coveted dance skills at her bestie’s wedding party.

Her famous “gbese” bridesmaid video captured by Bryan (@whitechalktheplanner) who was also my friend, went viral and caught my eye.

We joked about the pressure these days, to come correct with your dancing bridesmaids at your wedding or not at all.

Jennie was brought into this discussion. I instantly caught a promising vibe at our first contact and subsequently sought to get to know her better.

As it turned out, the feeling was mutual… Though mostly miles apart, Jennie and I began a committed relationship which led to a most romantic marriage proposal at the beach earlier this year.

Our courtship has been an amazing one despite the distance. Their love stood the test of time and space.



Photography: @pkhazel
Planners: @spec_planners


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