It was Sort of Love at First Sight for Jennifer and Chinedu ❤

Hey guys, do you believe love happens at first sight? Umm, we kinda have that love story for you today.

Jennifer and Chinedu‘s meeting was nothing short of destiny. Since they met nine months earlier, Chinedu could not her get out of his mind. So when they met again, caught each other’s eyes and at that moment nothing else mattered in the universe.

The groom, Chinedu shared how they met and how everything kicked off up to this point in their relationship. Read all about it below:

Here’s how they met:

We first met at an Atlanta lounge where we spoke briefly, but nothing came of it. Jen to this day claims she does not remember that meeting. Fast forward 9 months later, we met again, this time in Chicago on the last night of the Umu Igbo Unite (UIU) convention. In the middle of a very crowded dance floor, we caught each other’s eye and our eyes locked for what felt like forever. It was a moment so surreal to both of us that it is difficult to explain. – Chinedu shares.

By the end of the night, we found our way towards each other and had our first conversation. We found out we had so many things in common and most importantly we laughed. We exchanged phone numbers, went our separate ways and travelled back to Atlanta. To complicate things, Jen either gave Chinedu the wrong number or he “misheard”. Thankfully Chinedu’s facebook stalking worked, and he found Jen and sent her a message.

Jen is never on Facebook, but somehow she figured there may have been a phone number mix up and decided to check her Facebook where Chinedu’s message was waiting. She gave Chinedu her correct number, and the story continues. We were long distance, kind of. Jen was a full-time medical student living in Macon, GA and I was working in Atlanta. But we made it! Several trips back and forth from Macon to Atlanta, daily phone and FaceTime calls, and many trips together helped sustain our relationship. Jen graduated from Medical School and started residency in Savannah, GA. The long distance was easy on some days, but more difficult on others.

However, we always maintained communication and saw each other whenever possible. Our love for one another continued to grow and two years later, on June 15th I proposed to Jen. It was very unexpected and a very happy moment for both of us. Six months later we had our beautiful traditional wedding in Mbaise, Nigeria. Now we are excited to celebrate our white wedding with family and friends in 2 months during Memorial Day Weekend. Things really do happen for a reason and we are so grateful to have met one another. This is a match made in heaven!


Bride: @its_jennony
Groom: @nawfija_goat_herder
Makeup: @yayabeatsface
Photography: @chris_brock_photo


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