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Who says Your Boss Can’t Introduce you to Bae? Kim & Slyvan’s Love Story will Prove it

There’s something about Pre-wedding photos that always gets us so excited. Actually, many things.

How the couples’ eyes radiate with so much love and anticipation can best be described in one word – Wholesome!

Kim and Sylvan‘s love reminds us that we all need those friends who connect us to a lifetime of happiness. Kim met Sylvain through her boss who was a mutual friend and the rest, is a love story! ?

See the lovely photos from their Igbo themed pre-wedding shoot below:


Here’s how Kim shares it:

I met Sylvain through my boss at work who was a mutual friend. He asked me on a date and I obliged. We went on a snooker date (which I won of course ?). We noticed we shared similar life principles & a love for travel and adventures.

These 2 years and 7 months of being with Sylvain have been nothing but bliss, now it is time to begin our forever journey and I am super excited…❤️




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