Lola & Ayo’s Hilarious Wedding Vow Exchange is the Most Beautiful Video You’ll Watch Today!

When you’re getting married to the love of your life, the feeling is unmatched. That moment when you get to exchange vows with your heartthrob remains one of the highest points of the wedding.

For Lola and Ayo, they decided to make it not only thoughtful and sweet but also fun! Lola first started with a freestyle, eliciting a round of laughter from everyone including her groom, Ayo. Ayo also went on to say his and every single minute of this moment was all too special. Now, we can’t get over how this moment brought up a mix of all kinds of beautiful emotions. It’s so amazing how the hall went from laughter to “Aww”, then a few sniffs and back to laughter. Love is truly a beautiful thing and we absolutely love moments that remind us of this beauty. You’re definitely going to be watching this video over and again and we bet you’ll crack an even bigger smile for each time that you do!

Check out the amazing video below:



Videography: @teamdfams

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