Take in the Charm of Lulu & Tumi’s Dreamy Outdoor Wedding

There’s something so dreamy and magical about outdoor weddings.  Today, we get to take in all that magic with Lulu and Tumi’s beautiful white wedding at Froyle Park, Alton.

The lovers exchanged their vows in an intimate white wedding ceremony in the presence of friends and family. The ambience and spelt beauty and serenity. Oh, the joy on every face is simply everything! The love this two share and how loved they are by their friends and family is so evident, we can’t help but admire it all. Lulu was such a beautiful bride and Tumi also came through dapper. The entire bridal party came ready and we totally love it. The #Adeba21 wedding will absolutely make your day as it has ours. Now is a good time to catch up on their pre-wedding shoot and love story.

Enjoy the video below.



Videography: @wrgoimagery

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