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Mimie & Collins Have Found Their Way to Forever, Thanks to a Mutual Friend!

Love truly does happen when we least expect it and in places where we probably didn’t see coming. Other times, it is through familiar people and friends who look out for us. One of the many beauties of love is that it has no manual. For Mimie and Collins, it was through a friend!

Of the many places to find the love of his life, Collins may not have thought it’ll be in his friend’s gallery. However, he saw Mimie’s photo on his friend’s phone and he knew he had to make her his queen. Thanks to this jolly friend, Mimie and Collins have found their way to forever and are riding fully on the wings of love. We’re absolutely loving their beautiful pre-wedding photos and the chemistry the love birds are exuding.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and how Mimie and Collins narrate their love story below.

Their love story as shared by Collins:

The saying that we will find love when we least expect it is true. Our story is like that. Two years ago, after my best man showed me a picture of Mimie, I asked him to introduce me. At first, she was very sceptical and she gave me a hard time when I tried to get to know her. However, I wasn’t worried. I knew she would be mine. We would chat randomly until one day I posted up on Instagram. That’s when I saw a FaceTime call from her. I was wondering why she had called me. Haha… I had to laugh! She actually called me on FaceTime to interview me. The next day, I asked her out on a date. Our first date happened during COVID last year, so we had to go to a drive-by movie theatre. The rest is history.

Their love story as Mimie shares it:

Before I met Collins, I remember that I was always praying about the qualities I wanted in a man. I kept speaking on my husband, and I still do lol. My prayers to God were so simple, but my God exceeded and overwhelmed me! One of my favourite verses is Luke 11:9. Matter of fact, I love the whole of Luke 9. And oh boy! did God give me what I asked for and more! We met when our best man introduced us in 2019. It took a while for me to accept the idea of a set-up because I wasn’t in the season to receive what God had planned. When I was ready, I noticed right from the beginning that Collins was a man of his word. That was so important to me, and this has not stopped being true. On our first date, he told me that he would marry me. I was a bit confused because that was unusual. Unusual because he meant it and it was a promise. A promise he has kept.

The more I get to know Colins, the more I see the qualities I prayed for and more. I’ve realized that when God answers prayers, He adds on and piles on. Things you don’t know you need, you’ll get. God’s blessings are overwhelming and abundant! And it’s hard to comprehend sometimes. But I really thank God every day for answering my prayers.



Photography: @Kulgio
Hair: @Adeellehair
Makeup: @gemsbykem
Dress: @ladyblacktie | @misscircle

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