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Mina Reluctantly Went For an Easter Party & She Met Her Man, Eric!

It’s so beautiful to see something magical sprout from situations when we don’t even expect it. One minute you reluctantly attend an event and the next minute, you find love!

For Mina and Eric, this was Cupid’s way of leading them to a lifetime of bliss! A mutual friend invited Mina for an Easter day celebration which she reluctantly went for. She met Eric and that day and they reconnected again in church. After a few dates, Mina knew that she had found the man of her dreams. Now, they are doing this for a lifetime and we are super pumped for them! Their stunning pre-wedding shoot is adding sunshine to our day and we love it!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Mina:

Eric and I almost didn’t meet when we officially did. Our mutual friend, Kathleen had invited me to her mum’s house for Easter Sunday celebrations in 2018 but I wasn’t in a good mood that day. I was on the train home when she called me and insisted that I come over as there was lots of food. Eric walked in, saw me and came over to sit right next to me. He introduced himself in such a cocky way and deep down, I liked it. Of course, Kathleen, being protective of me came and sat in between us and warned him to leave me alone. Months down the line after our meeting, she mentioned that we had both been at her wedding and one or two of her social events and apparently we never noticed each other.

After our first meeting, he didn’t take my number which l thought quite disappointing and decided to forget about him but Kath would always say he was constantly asking her about me and he would always refer to me as his wife. As I wasn’t in the market for any unserious relationship, I asked that if he was serious I’d like for him to start coming to my church. A few weeks later, I saw Mr Eric Amadi in church and being a protocol member, I started cat walking up and down so he could get a good look at me and vice versa.

Our first group date with a few mutual friends happened on the 23rd of December, 2018 and there he finally collected my number. Our first official date was at Winter Wonderland that same week and I found he was actually extremely funny, didn’t take himself too seriously and had most of the qualities I wanted in a man. He proposed three years later and all roads are leading to Abuja for our wedding ceremony!


Planner @qmaravieplanners
Photography @ahmetakdenizwedding
Dresses @mira_bukar

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