Feel all The Fun at Miriam & Enoch’s Wedding

Seeing people in love is another top-tier feeling that we just can’t help but enjoy!

Miriam & Enoch are fully satisfying that crave with their wedding video. The beautiful couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony with music, food, and cheer.  Mariam looked exceptionally beautiful in her dress and her groom, equally dashing for the big day.

Their wedding video is filled with so many sweet moments, from the gift exchange between the couple, the groom’s emotional reaction to his bride walking down the aisle. Then the reception was all shades of fun with the bridal party coming with great vibes for their entrances, the emotional mother-son dance, and of course, the bride and her mum dropping moves on the dancefloor. And then they danced the night out.

You should see all these moments in the video below:




Videography: @maxwelljennings

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    September 13, 2021 at 9:30 AM

    Hi Bellanaija,
    I love the wedding reception design of Enoch and Miriam on your website. If you care to share please who was the decorator of that wedding?

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