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Moyo and Frank’s Baecation Came with a Sweet #BNBling Surprise! Enjoy Their Proposal Photos

We can’t get enough of hearing sweet love stories and even more exciting, is how each love story comes with its own freshness and magic. Today, we are basking in the beauty of Moyo and Frank’s sweet #BNBling moment.

Moyo and Frank’s mutual friend set them up for love when they shared Moyo’s profile with Femi. He hit her up almost immediately and soon enough, love crept in. Frank popped the question during a private dinner and of course, Moyo said Yes! Moyo looked beautiful in her pretty red dress and even more beautiful with the ring on her finger. We can’t contain our joy for these lovebirds as they get on their forever journey.

Enjoy Moyo and Femi’s proposal photos below:

Their love story as shared by Moyo:

From a mutual friend sending my profile, to an Instagram DM, to a Long distance relationship, to moving to the same city, to the perfect proposal. In 2020, I was rounding up my master’s in the UK. A mutual friend sent my profile to him, he was interested so he sent me a DM on Instagram. I replied a few days later and we started talking. After 2 months, we were inseparable and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I had not met him in person but I was already planning to move back to Nigeria in a few months and was in love with him. I said yes and started a long-distance relationship before we met. Fast forward to almost 3 years later (still dating) we took a trip to Ghana and he proposed, I said yes again!!


Bride: @m_jaeyy
Groom: @franknofski
Couple: @themfwedding2023
Photography and Videography: @crimsonconcepts

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