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The #NSquared4Eva Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story will Make You ?

Now is a good time to play any song with soulmate in it.

Nancy and Nonso will definitely be dancing to the melody. These lovebirds met at work and for a while weren’t communicating even though they could tell they were both attracted to each other. Now we know, you want to hear the full story, so we will leave you to the bride, Nancy to give you all the gist.

The #NSquared4Eva couple had their wedding over the weekend in Enugu and it was all shades of beautiful. Now, lets into their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.





Here’s how it all started according to the bride, Nancy:

Well, there I was doing my job and being the good girl that I am, also delivering value to my client as a consultant but not forgetting to slay while at it. I noticed that the smart cute guy with his nerdish glasses looking all fresh was feeling me. But though I knew he was so my type (smart and cute) and so into me, I pretended not to notice. Moreover, I had a lot of work on my plate at the time. Few weeks into the work engagement and I had to go offshore (very scary, deep-sea, no land). Then this same smart cute guy was responsible for ensuring I had everything I needed for a successful trip and so he called me. Well, as at then we were both pretending not to know we were feeling each other, so the call was mostly professional but was regardless the first time we talked.


A few months into the work engagement, the smart cute guy became somewhat of a regular in the office. He was always coming to check up on the team. That was when I knew he had started making the money moves (you know what I’m saying). Next thing I know my colleague who is also his friend began to tell me that his guy was feeling me. You know the gist, we play hard to get,  I told him to tell his friend to approach me directly. You know, the usual girl playing hard to get moves (don’t judge me, we’ve all done it.).


One night I was heading out to a friend’s birthday party and he calls, but this time not for work. It’s funny how when we make connections with people, we really don’t know what they would lead to. They could end up being business partners, friends or just acquaintance. So, most times we go in without many expectations. But meeting Nonso made me start believing in destiny or fate as some might call it. It went beyond just the usual physical attraction. We would talk for hours even until daybreak and with time we realized how much we connected on every level. We realized we were soulmates. Seeing you are reading this, you know how the gist ends,  we are #Nsquare4eva.





Bride: @nancey_e
Planner: @stmmagicalcreations_events
Photography@lexisweddings | @jgatesvisuals
Makeup: @stmmagicalcreations

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