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Office Crush, and Then Lovers! Nneka & Kingsley Were Made For Each Other

People might say office crushes are fleeting and will pass over time…. but not in Nneka and Kingsley’s case. Theirs evolved  into a beautiful love affair that has now resulted in ‘Happy ever after!’

The first day Kingsley resumed his new job, he got himself a secret admirer. As time passed, he and Nneka slowly built a friendship and it wasn’t long before they caught the love fever. They realized that they were meant for each other and decided to go the forever route! Today, they are feeding us with so much sweetness from their pre-wedding shoot and we cannot get enough. They make a perfect pair and we are super stoked for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Nneka:

I worked as a customer service officer. One day, he walked into my branch and introduced himself as the new account officer deployed to my branch. That same night, I called my best friend and told her about the handsome account officer in my branch. I couldn’t stop talking about him every other day and slowly we became friends and lovers while we grew our careers. I slowly fell in love with how intentionally he wanted to take care of me. He would always pick me up every morning from home and drop me off every evening. This has been on for 4 years now. He became the most important person in my life, and I can’t stop thanking my stars.



Bride: @pretty_neneee
Planner: @royaldivaeventss
Photography: @georgefaleye

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