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Bugsy Did Not Give Up on Oma and Now, It’s #CBforever23!

“Love is worth fighting for” We bet Bugsy will totally agree with this saying. He met the woman of his dreams, Oma at a mutual friend’s birthday party and decided to shoot his shot no matter what it took.

Three trials later, he was able to secure a first date with the beautiful Oma and getting to spend time together was indeed magical. It was as though time froze and they could live in the moment forever. Now, they get to live happily ever after as they embark on their sweet forever journey. Their pre-wedding photos are so stunning and we are just obsessed with how perfect they look. We can indeed feel the love in the air and we bet you will too! 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:






Their love story as shared by Bugsy:

In the summer of 2021, I met Oma at our mutual friend’s (Powei) birthday party at Speakeasy in Abuja.  Our friend had invited me but I was too lazy to go, then I saw this stunner on her WhatsApp story and told my friend, Sogfa, we had to be there. My words were “There’s this fine babe there I must talk to!” And as a sure guy, he said “Let’s go.” We got there and greeted a few people and the celebrant. I asked where this girl was and she pointed at her. She told me to be sharp that other guys were asking about her but I was confident that I would get her number. I sat next to her and said “Hi” She said hi back, turned away and continued with her drink.

She wasn’t even talking to anybody, just continued drinking. She had that “go away man” look on her face. So to avoid embarrassment, I left her at that moment and thought to try again later on. A few minutes later, I turned to talk to her and she was gone. Damn, I had missed my chance with this girl but we move, God is in control. A few days later, I went out with Sogfa and I got a text from Powei asking where I was, saying she wanted to come and meet me and my friends for a drink before she went out later on. Thirty minutes later, she shows up with Oma, an instant smile on my face, another chance to talk to her. I introduced myself again, “Hi my name is Bugsy, we met the other day and you vanished”, I said. She said hi and we began to talk for about 20 minutes before they left. Again!

But this time, after she left, I got a text from a number saying “Hey Bugsy this is Powei, my battery is dead so I’m using Oma’s phone to let you know where we are and you can come through.” Again I said to Sogfa, we have to go meet them so I can keep up this conversation, my guy said “Let’s run it”. We got there, and I went straight to Oma, who was now surrounded by 5/6 guys who I found later found out were her brothers and his friends, but once again she ignored me and acted like she didn’t know who I was. As a bad guy I was like, which kind of forming be this, then let her be and continued my night. Powei had told me to persist that she is just surrounded by people. A few days passed by and I decided to text her since I had her number and kept it nice and sweet.

We talked about how we would be attending the same wedding on the coming Saturday and how we would meet up there but it didn’t pan out. I finally decided to straight up ask her out on a date and see what she was really about. She agreed to meet and made me promise not to be late for our date. My car broke down on my way!!! After apologizing for my lateness, we went on our date. During the date, I didn’t realize how time had gone by but I noticed how comfortable and free I was talking to her. How I wanted this to continue as long as it could. We were the last people to leave the restaurant and decided to go for a walk and continue the date. This was the best time I had ever had at that point in my life. I don’t live in Nigeria so I knew time was running out before I left and didn’t know what the future held for us, especially on her part.

We met up a few more times before I left. The day before I left, a week after the first date, I told my dad that I had met my wife and this was it for me. After leaving, I couldn’t believe how long it would take to see her again, I kept travelling back and forth to see her and make it official. To this day, I still can’t believe someone so special has agreed to be with me and marry me. I can’t wait to start the rest of our lives together.


Bride: @oma_ben
Groom: @bugzeeey
Planner: @j.bassevents
Photography: @filmbossweddings
Dress: @akwa_iyanga

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