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He Asked For Her Pen & Now He Has Her Heart! See Ophelia & Wilberforce’s Pre-wedding Shoot

They say when you know what you want, you go for it! That’s exactly what Wilberforce did when he laid eyes on Ophelia for the first time. He saw a connection and an opportunity and he definitely didn’t slack one bit. Now, forever is not just another word for Ophelia and Wilberforce – it’s their reality!

We’re loving everything about Ophelia and Wilberforce pre-wedding shoot. Their chemistry and synergy are absolutely one for the books. The lovebirds who met at their freshman year in the university are now on their ship, doing life together forever. The way Wilberforce recounts their love story with so much joy and love will make you blush so hard. We bet you’d be smiling to yourself while saying, “Aww!” as you read through their love story.

Check out all the beautiful photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:


Their Love story as Wilberforce tells it:

Flashback to about 11 years ago as freshmen registering for our university courses. I was awestruck by this dashing looking sweet lady. Thinking of all the beautiful words there are to describe the perfect woman, standing in the queue as the registration went on. I knew if I missed my chance that very moment, it would be highly competitive the next time I tried. Though I had three pens in my pocket, I broke the ice to start a conversation by asking for a pen to fill my forms.

From then onwards we became aquatinted and moved to friendship. After a year of friendship, she agreed to be my babe after I popped the question; I still have this nostalgic bubbling feeling in my belly as I recount that moment she said: “yes, I would love to be your lady”. From that day till now, the love we share keeps getting deeper and sweeter after nine years of walking together through time. Eventually, she agreed to be my wife and if you thought asking her out was the happiest day of my life, what do you think happened to me that day….? Yes, a ‘nuclear bomb’ went off in my head and belly.


They say heaven is wonderful beyond all that you can ever imagine but with you, Ophelia, I think I have a perfect idea of what it is! I believe there is life after death so “till death do us part” doesn’t hold for me with you. I have had enough time to know this journey with you will end well in Christ!


Bride-to-be: @ani_nessa
Planner: @sproutaffair
Photography: @pixah_photo@focusnblur
Makeup: @vob_beauty
Hairstylist: @ani_nessa
Videography: @rippleeffectgh
Bridal wardrobe: @ezer_gh

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