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Pamela Went From Liking all Jeffery’s Photos on IG to Capturing His Heart!

Sometimes, life lands us exactly where we need to be and when it does, there’s always a happy story after! Pamela can definitely relate as that was how she and Jeffery came to be!

Pamela was randomly surfing through her Instagram when she stumbled on Jeffery’s Instagram page and ended up liking all his photos. What followed was a message from Jeffery! Now, it’s a happy ever after thing and of course, we’re super stoked for them. We’re totally loving their pre-wedding photos. We can’t help but admire how totally smitten they are by each other and along with the beam of love in their eyes in these photos, this beautiful video of them here, will prove the same!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Pamela:

I bumped into his page without knowing how then I liked all his pictures and he texted me saying “hi”. That’s how we started talking ooh.




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