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It’s Raining a Surprise Proposal Today! See Queen & Benjamin’s #BNBling

Benjamin planned a well-deserved surprise proposal for his lover, Queen and it had her in tears, we have the photos and a video to prove it!

The interesting fact about their proposal was that it was planned in less than 36 hours by Bankysu Events, the groom got consent from her parents and then the bride’s mum suggested using their home as the venue. Ohh, Benjamin added a special one to it by giving his bride-to-be, a journal that he had written about her for the past 90 days.

You’ll love Queen and Benjamins’s proposal story!



Here’s how the groom-to-be Benjamin recalls their meeting:

Queen and I met sometimes in 2019. A working relationship easily became a friendship and crystallized to Love. In the last 90 days preceding The Proposal, I wrote daily about Queen and this further fueled my conviction on my decision. I called my friend Tope to agree on covering the proposal. Coincidentally he was driving right behind me on admiralty. We parked and talked about the plans, that’s when he referred to the amazing BankySu Events and she planned the proposal in less than 36 hours.

Here’s how Queen recalls her proposal:

In hindsight, I learnt Benjamin met my Parents to seek consent. Then my mum suggested our house because of the partial lockdown. On the day of the proposal, I left my house to Benjamin’s as he wanted us to go for brunch. We were out for a while (unknowing that my proposal was being planned by the Amazing Banky Su). I noticed Benjamin was more excited than usual while we were out but I brushed it aside. We got back to my place beautifully decorated. Benjamin handed me a journal where he had consistently written about me in the last 90 days got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said Yes!!! It was indeed a beautiful proposal I’d never forget.






Planner: @bankysuevents
Photography: @temiolukayweddings
Decor: @aquarianluxury
Cake: @livvytwist @thebillionaireflorist
Videography: @mcefilms


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