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It’s a Forever Journey For Grace and Tunde! Enjoy Their Pre-wedding Photos

#OnceuponOtime, a beautiful belle named Grace met her prince charming, Tunde. They became inseparable and got on their forever journey. 🥰

It’s no news that love stories get us super giddy and today is all bout Grace and Tunde! We get to see the beauty of love through the lens of these sweethearts as they serve us cute doses with their pre-wedding photos. You can’t look at their photos and miss the elegance they exude. Grace looks golden in her dazzling dress and Tunde looks super suave in his tux. These lovebirds are obviously smitten and we are uber-excited that they get to live together forever!

Enjoy Grace and Tunde’s pre-wedding photos below:


Bride-to-be: @gmazing21
Dress: @albinadyla
Hair: @ceceshairlegacy
Makeup: @tomilolaofbiggles
Photography: @calvinmauricemedia | @aloveexperience

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