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Spice Up Your Trad Day With This Igbo Beauty Look

Some people say normal is boring. We say, everyone can do what they love! But if you like to go out of the norm, then hi-five!

Now, as a 2021 bride-to-be, with all the new inventions and twists to style,  especially in the Trad world, you also want to bring that extra spice to your look. Well, you don’t have to look too far. We’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look from Shannys. We say a big yasss to the bold lippie, complementing the striking glam. The glam also does well in bringing out the stunning beauty of the Isiagu dress. Now let’s talk about the hair! Styled by Hairtech, the beautiful arrangements of the beads on the fancy intricately laid hair bring it all to perfection.

Overall, everything about this look is a 10/10. So if you’re an igbo bride-to-be, looking for that extra spice for your big day, here you have it! Check out all the photos below:



Hairstylist: @hairtech_bylolu
Photography: @yemiolamide_photography
Makeup: @_shannys
Belle: @mss_ayoushat

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