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Radiate Elegance on Your Trad With This Regal Beauty Look

Dear Igbo bride-to-be, this is a love letter from our hearts straight to yours. Okay, a tad bit dramatic, we know. ?

But hey! If your big day is near, then consider it very much a love letter. Because we know how important it is for you to come through representing 100℅ So, here’s a regal bridal beauty look for you. The glam by Sleek Beauty Shop is simply perfect for a confident bride. Jovoria beauty also comes through with a sleek hairstyle to complement the glam. The traditional waist beads (jigida) does well to accentuate the beauty of the Isiagu. This overall look brings out the rich essence of the Igbo culture in all its glory. So, you can totally slay like royalty on your Traditional wedding day.

Check out all the photos below:




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