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From Games Night to The Aisle! See Taiwo & Amman’s Pre-wedding Shoot

When it comes to love, the best tip is to never say never! Sometimes, a fairytale can be born out of situations or places we ordinarily would not have expected.

For Taiwo and Amman, what was initially a random games night now holds so much more essence. It is where the lovebirds met for the first time. At first, there wasn’t much to it. However, as time progressed, a love story blossomed! Now Taiwo and Amman are set for the aisle and of course, we’re excited for them. Their pre-wedding shoot has us drooling as the love is evident.

Enjoy Taiwo and Amma’s pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Taiwo:

Our love story was not the typical “I knew he was the one right away”. It’s quite the opposite actually. It was so unexpected for us, and it turned out to be the most beautiful experience. Amman and I met for the first time at a games night with a mutual friend. I was sceptical about attending after a long day at work. We barely even spoke and went our separate ways after. I later got to find out that there was an attraction on his side which he tried not to pursue because he wasn’t the “dating” kind of guy and I didn’t want to date a pilot.

During the Covid lockdown after realising how unpredictable life is, he got my number from a mutual friend. We kept in touch once in a while. He persistently asked me on a date which I finally took him up on and boy was it an awesome date… We kept hanging out, then realized we have a lot in common, like the same things, and are both in aviation so we understand a lot about each other. He showed me a different side of life.

Everything was going well but then he had to move to another country for work. We both thought we couldn’t do long-distance but we loved each other too much to let go and our relationship was still as good as ever. I visited him after some months and he proposed to me on that trip on my birthday. It was an amazing trip. We decided to spend the rest of our lives together.



Bride-to-be @taiwo.ab
Bride-to-be’s outfit
Makeup @glambydiva
Planner @pampeevents
Photography @ophtographyworks

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