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A Tale of Two Doctors! Enjoy #theSWbond Pre-wedding Shoot

Who says you can’t find love in the line of work? Seun and Wole did! Today, we get to enjoy the beautiful love story of two doctors whose love story essentially began in a hospital. 😅

Seun was on duty this night when a doctor from another unit came with a request. This doctor happened to be Wole who is now the love of Seun’s life! From using the microwave in her call room to stealing her heart, #theSWbond is a beautiful love story that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Just keep scrolling to see how Seun tells it. Their pre-wedding shoot also tells a story of love as the chemistry they share is just undeniable.

Take in the beauty of their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Seun:

If it were old Nollywood, our hashtag would be: Part 1 – #UnexpectedLove, Part 2 – #CouldThisBeLove, Part3 – #LoveMadeInTheHospital. To think that I considered leaving the institution some days before we first met is still subtly mind-boggling. Undoubtedly, it’s a connection divinely orchestrated as we were in totally different units, and the likelihood of us meeting was like 10% —forget who ran the data and did the stats, focus! 😅

On the night we met, I bade a friend goodnight while swaddling myself from the blasting cold air from the neonatology unit’s one-command air condition when he knocked, asking to warm his food as the microwave in his call room stopped working abruptly. As legend has it, they never repaired his call room’s microwave!

Our conviction stems from profound peace and innate joy as it became clear that it wasn’t about who we were at the time but what we are to be with the prince of peace at the centre of our hearts. Thankfully, this isn’t Nollywood from the 2000s. It’s #TheSWbond!



Creative direction@bydashevents | @afefeyeye_resturantandbar

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