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Thameena Has Found Her Soulmate in Ahmed!

When Ed Sheeran sang “I’ve found a love for me” in his song Perfect, this what he meant. We bet that Thameena and Ahmed can totally relate to this line of the song. Thameena had always looked forward to meeting her love and she did find that love in Ahmed. The couple started dating July 2012 and now 8 years after, they did tie the knot and from now on it is #ATilleverafter.

Here’s the #ATilleverafter love story as told by the bride, Thameena :

I’ve always wanted to find my soulmate since forever and I’ve never been more proud to say that I’ve found mine in Ahmed (Amo) and even far more beyond that. My love story with Ahmed goes way back. It all started when I moved to Kaduna from Kano in 2011. I met Amo through my cousin & best girl, Asiya who was also Amo’s classmate in secondary school. On the 17th July 2012 was the day I became his girlfriend, we clicked instantly but didn’t really take the whole relationship seriously because we were much younger and weren’t thinking of the future then. But as time went by, Amo was still by my side through everything, he never let me out of his sight and we never had other relationships.


Even when we fought, we always found a way back to each other. We invested so much in each other that everyone around us knew about us both from my side and his(friends and family ). From the day we met, Amo has been consistent and till we got married we were always together whether face to face or on the phone. We went through our university days together even though we were not in the same country.

Looking back now, I had always craved for a friendship between me and my ‘perfect partner’ and it is that friendship that I found with Amo. It really is a dream come true. He has been an extremely positive influence in my life, we have supported each other for a very long time, through school and work. He encourages me, supports me in every one of my decisions, and pushes me to my best potential both personally and professionally.

This was exactly what I wanted, a best friend and a husband in one person and I’m safe to say that I have that with Amo. He is flawed, just like every normal human, but the one thing I love about him is his ability to look past mine. He gives me hope, joy happiness and so much more. I’ve been smiling since the day I met Amo and that smile hasn’t changed till date. We’ve spent 8 years together and we have forever to go In Sha Allah… # ATilleverafter




Photography: @kunle_laniyanweddings
Dress: @kuluabuja
Makeup: @dazeita
Team: @Abdulmaleek_yusuf

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