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It’s Time For #TheKingsWedding23! Thelma & Kingsley’s Love Story Began in Uni

If anyone had told Thelma that she was going to end up falling in love with Kingsley after their first encounter, she would have probably laughed it off.

However, the beautiful thing when it comes to finding love is that you can never say never. Thelma gave Kingsley a not-so favourable response the first time they crossed paths in Uni. As fate would have it, she met him again that same evening and at that moment, they couldn’t deny that Cupid had a hand in it. Now, it’s time for #TheKingsWedding23 and we are super pumped! Their pre-wedding photos are so stunning and you certainly want to take in all the beauty as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Thelma:

Who would have thought my first year as a Jambite would land me my lifetime treasure? He was in his final year in school while I was in my first year. It all happened in a canteen where I went for lunch after lectures. There he was, standing and gazing at me with the biggest smile I had ever seen! I could feel his gaze and said to myself, what is this one looking at? (I wasn’t interested in whatever story that would come with that smile). He walked up to me and asked for my name. Everyone would think I would be excited to respond right?

But no, I had made up my mind to focus on my studies and I wasn’t ready for any form of distractions… I ignored him and he just smiled and walked away. Later that evening, a close friend of mine promised to visit me and behold that same guy I snubbed at the canteen hours ago was the guy that accompanied my friend to see me in my hostel. ‘This must be a joke’ I said to myself as we both smiled at each other. My friend was wondering why we were smiling, and how we knew each other. He then narrated how we met earlier in school. He asked for my number, and the rest is history…


Bride @thelma_mek
Planner @trinitysignatures
Makeup @__glamwithd
Hair stylist @mobeautybar
Photography @wilsonslens
Videography @lagosreelcreator

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