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Sometimes Picking Up a Stranger’s Call Might Not Be So Bad! The #TokYoUnion2019 Love Story

Here’s why you shouldn’t shun all the guys that get your phone number from other people. One may just be your future husband!

Tomi and Yomi met briefly in the university and exchanged a few hellos. Even after getting her phone number, it took Yomi’s A-game to get her to say “yes!”. Their pre-wedding photos are enough proof that true love does exist between the two and they are beyond ready to take it to the altar.

Counting down to #TokYoUnion2019, they both share their love story and highlight what fascinated them about the other person. Read about it below and catch up on our other love stories here.

The bride-to-be shares their love story:

We met in University but I’m not sure if that counts because we only said ‘hello’ a few times as we had a few mutual friends and didn’t really see often. Fast forward to post university, he calls me on a random day and says “Hello this is Yomi, I got your number from xxx (I can’t remember who, lol) and wanted to ask if you had questions for Mckinsey’s problem solving test”. I remember thinking to myself this phonè is plenty oh lol. We probably spoke once or twice after that.

Fast forward again two years later, around January 2014, he messages me on Facebook and says “hey! Long time no speak. What’s your number?” In my head I’m like ‘hmm this boy and his disappearing acts’ lol, but I found him very intriguing (he was always so slick) and I was curious to get to know him. We started talking again and I guess as they say, the rest is history- we had the bants for days!

What started out as a wonderful friendship blossomed into this unexplainable bond. Honestly feels like he is an extension of me and we are not separate people. I remember a season in my life when I really had a rough time at work and was preparing for a series of interviews for a new job that required intensive studying and practice, Yomi literally held my hand through it, he cheered me on, he pushed me and reminded me every step of the way that I could do it. Honestly don’t think I could have landed that job without his support. He loves me and prioritises me in a way that really amazes me. He gets me, he roots for me and most of all he is a kind person and an honourable man. Super stoked to be doing life with this amazing human being! #TokYoUnion2019 leggo!

The groom shares his own side of their love story:

I was always fascinated by her drive and ambition. She had accomplished a lot at a very young age and was studying for another big one! Long hours, multiple priorities, she stayed killing it! She was the most beautiful being and in the most honest way. We’d spend long hours on the phone talking about everything and nothing, pure unadulterated laughter from the soul, I never wanted it to end. It became my dream to marry her so I brought out my A-game.


Like dancing senator, I dazzled her with my first charm gba-gam! then the second one gba-gam! and as they say, the rest is history lol. Really though, Tomi’s the greatest gift God has given to me and I’m forever thankful for her. She’s my best friend, my confidant, my comfort zone and my second lieutenant in battle. I honestly can’t imagine life without her, like what was my plan lol?




Bride: @tomisinamu

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