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Love and Vintage Vibes! Violet & Kola’s Pre-wedding Shoot Will Give You Butterflies

“What’s love got to do with it?” Well, everything! We are super pumped today and we owe it all to Violet and Kola! 😍

The sweethearts found each other and decided that forever was the only way up from there. Today, we get to catch a glimpse of their sweet love through their pre-wedding shoot. They look perfect in each frame and you need no soothsayer to tell how smitten they are. We are also obsessed with the vintage vibes from their shoot and how it speaks of the beauty of love that transcends time. Their photos have absolutely made our day and we bet It will make yours too!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot below:



Bride: @violetluxe
Creative direction and styling: @ikwu.loveth
Hairstylist: @Abbeymattheworks
Photography: @HumphreyOminisan
Makeup: @utyliciouz

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