This “Wona Is You” Campaign Is a Perfect Reminder that Every Bride is Beautiful!

Every woman regardless of her style or any other societal parameter is beautiful! And the Wona Concept Group recognizes this. That’s why they’re here with this beautiful All-inclusive bridal collection.

So are you trying to losing weight ahead of your big day just so you can get the perfect dress? Good news, you don’t need to – you can still get the perfect dress!

Three different women feature in this “Wona Is You”  to give every bride what they deserve. Alluring wedding dresses that accentuate their uniqueness. The dresses are from the WONÁ Concept and Eva Lendel brands (both from WONÁ Concept group).

The design brand says:

Every bride deserves to find her own dream dress that will emphasize her individuality and beauty!

See photos from the campaign below, keep



Design Brand:  @wona_concept


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