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It Started with an Instant Connection On BBM for Wuraola & Babajide

When you find that person who complements you in more ways than you ever thought possible, you just know that you have to keep them for life!

Wuraola and Babajide were connected through Babajide’s sister on BBM. Babajide knew instantly that it had to be Wura. Through the years, the two have become more than just friends. The way  Babajide gushes over his gorgeous bride is just so beautiful! When you’re super excited about another, you want the whole world to feel it too. We must say that we certainly can feel the love that these adorable couple share. From their lovely pre-wedding shoot, we can tell how happy they make each other.

We know you want to read all Babajide has got to say about his beautiful bride and how it all started. We bet you’ll be blushing as you scroll through.

Their love story as Babajide tells it:

It all started ten years ago with my sister Victory, who was then a student of Bowen University. I asked her through our Blackberry chat, “Don’t you have a ‘fine girl’ in your school that I can befriend and see how it goes?” Those were my exact words. She then said she had a pretty friend, a floormate at the university. She sent her picture and I was blown away. Instantly, I saw in her the picture of the woman of my dreams, the picture of my future wife, a very beautiful girl indeed.

I asked Victory her name and she said her name is Wuraola. In Yoruba, the name means Gold and Honour. I saw the golden girl clothing me with honour and glory. Gold! It was like I struck gold. Her name, her beauty, her aura. Everything just aligned. Never have I been struck by the beauty of a woman. I was love struck. It was love at first sight. I just knew this was my wife. There was joy in my heart. I hadn’t met her and I hadn’t spoken to her but there was joy in my heart already. A feeling so sublime.

I got her Blackberry PIN, added her and she accepted. In those days, Blackberry was the in-thing. We started chatting on BBM and from there one thing led to another. We chatted every day and didn’t even call – It was just chatting. I wooed her with my sense of humour. Day after day we got closer through Blackberry.

We were chatting and flowing. Mother Luck was on my side. I needed a friend and she needed one too. It was simply the hand of God. From chatting, we started calling each other. She invited me to her school, but I was a bit lackadaisical. She wanted to see me face to face. As a Yoruba proverb says: “Oju loro wa.” Meaning, face to face is the real McCoy. However, I blew it and we lost contact. She was in her 300 level then, studying Biochemistry. A year later, after her studies, she came to Lagos and I got to know. So  I went to meet her.

She berated me for not coming to see her at school. I apologised and from there, we started our love journey. That was eight years ago, and today, we are here. It has been a journey of patience, endurance, love, fights, settlements and more love. We got to know the good, the bad and the ugly about ourselves and we have been able to adjust, to sacrifice, commit, learn and unlearn again. We have cried, loved, and a lot of water has flowed beneath the bridge. Today, we thank God.

There is no perfect man nor is there a perfect woman. If she likes you, she likes you – she can do anything for you. Wuraola is well brought up – well trained. She gives and sacrifices a lot. For eight years, we had been like husband and wife without living under the same roof. She is a woman of virtue and a woman of principles. I can vouch for that. The God factor really drew me to her. She is a prayerful woman – she drew me closer to Christ. From her, I learnt how to fast, how to pray—starting from thanking God, asking for forgiveness of sins, intercession, telling God anything you want, then crowning it with thanksgiving again.

That was the prayer pattern I kept going through which has helped us and moulded our path. We wake up 5.30 every morning to pray. Even when she was at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, we were still waking ourselves up to pray, listening to Bishop David Oyedepo. I went to Covenant University but I never had that impact. She drew me back to Bishop Oyedepo. I started waxing stronger in faith. She brought that fire to our relationship. The God factor has been awesome. She will wake me in the middle of the night and start praying for me. My mum drew me to Christ but this was a different dimension. Wuraola made me see Christ in another dimension.

She is just a replica of my mum. When I do wrong, she comes at me hard and I come back to my senses. Just like my mum would do. I am a very soft person like my dad. If you don’t tell me what to do, I might just be carried away and relaxed. I need someone to put me on my toes. She is that kind of person. She is loving but she doesn’t take nonsense. Her good sides have taken over the bad side like an eclipse. Nobody is perfect but this is my perfect woman.

She did her Master’s degree in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing from Strathclyde University, Scotland. She was away for over a year but as they say, absence makes the heart fonder. Distance couldn’t separate us. She finished her studies and came back to Nigeria and here we are.



Bride: @wuraawotayo
Groom: @its_babajay
Coordinator: @sweeftevents
Bridal stylist: @style_de_queeno
Makeup: @nsolekebeauty
Hair: @hairbybeesroots
Fabrics: @thebestfabric_
Tailoring: @safewudoadol
Accessories: @thebestaccessoriesng
Photography: @felixcrown
Videography: @smokhyimagery

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