7 Fun Wedding Games You’ll Totally Love to Play on Your Big Day

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It’s the season of love and that means wedding bells are chiming, right? Yes, it is very romantic to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day or any other day in the month of love. Speaking of which, please excuse the silence on my part, I was neck-deep into planning my own wedding, hence, the new name. While we await official pictures from #LoveLocDown, you can enjoy our love story and pictures from our pre-wedding shoot and civil wedding here.

So the wedding is over and I’m fully back. As you know, I host events. Click here to read about 8 things to consider before choosing a wedding MC. One of the highlights of my wedding reception was the games we played and it inspired me to write this piece.

So these are seven fun games you can definitely play at your wedding:

Shoe Game

This is by far one of the most recognisable wedding game. The MC asks the couple questions about their love story and personality. Questions like…Who said I love you first? Who is more romantic? Who dresses better? The couple is seated backing each other and use the corresponding shoe to answer the question simultaneously. It makes for great engagement as the audience get to see how the couple views themselves.

Guess the Lyrics

I actually played this game during my wedding. Shout out to Omoo Talks who did a superb job, by the way. The bride and the groom take turns in picking a number. The DJ then plays the corresponding backing track for a few seconds in which the person playing now has to guess the song and sing along. I ended up getting ‘expo’ from my hubby that day and was voted the winner by the audience.

Spin the Wheel

The wheel will have romantic gestures on it which can be as sweet as reciting a love poem or as risqué as giving a lap dance. Both the bride and groom take turns in spinning the wheel and performing accordingly. It is also another way to get the audience involved as one of the options could be for the couple to pick people to perform certain tasks.

Dance Off

This is a great one to get the bridal party on their feet. For variety, the MC can list a number of popular dances for which the DJ will be on standby to play the corresponding song. Members of the bridal party can be picked at random to get up and dance. Another option is for them to choose a number without knowing what they will get and then enter one chance on the dancefloor.


Before the wedding, the couple would have discussed different aspects about themselves and their love story with the MC. This will form the basis of the Q and A which the audience will then be encouraged to answer. Virtual guests can easily play along. The couple then gets to be the judge and might even decide to gift the winners a prize. There are also situations where the trivia can be general knowledge to allow for even more audience participation.

Word Search

Children and adults love a word search. They are great to kill time and easy to customise. The word search can feature things peculiar to the couple like where they met, pet names, favourite items and the list goes on. Have them printed and on tables for guests to complete or even take home to finish.


I know you are thinking this is more for the kids but adult colouring books have really become a thing in recent times. A picture of the couple in form of an outline is one way to go or maybe the logo or even the bouquet. Make sure to have a pack of crayons or coloured pencils to go along with it. It would definitely make for a lovely wedding memento for the couple long after the event is over.

So what game will you be playing on your big day? Or if you have already tied the knot, do you remember which game(s) you played? Are there any I missed out on? Do let me know in the comments.

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