You’re in For a Movie with Adaora & Serge’s Nigerian-Congolese Wedding!

One thing Africans will never fail at is throwing lit wedding parties! Today, we are soaking all the love and fun from Adaora and Serge’s  Nigerian-Congolese wedding!

Right from the morning prep moment, we knew we were in for a fun ride. You can tell that Adaora and Serge really looked forward to this day because they showed up ready! They dazzled in their outfits and we could not help but swoon. Their personalised vows and Serge’s goofy reaction after the ring exchange had us blushing hard.

The reception ushered everyone into party mode and you can tell it was so much fun! A major highlight was when the bride set the dancefloor on fire with choreography for her sweetheart. Adaora and Serge’s Nigerian-Congolese wedding was nothing short of a movie and you will love every bit of it!

Enjoy their wedding video below:



Featured Image@missluv18

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