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Dami & Gbenga’s Mutual Friend Brought Them Together & Love Did the Rest!

On the list of friends who deserve lifetime accolades and awards, those ones who go the extra mile to link us with our soulmates are top 2 and they’re not number 2! 😅 Today, we get to celebrate the beauty of Dami and Gbenga‘s love and it’s all thanks to a mutual friend.

Dami and Gbenga were introduced to each other by their friend who we dare say has the gift of foresight. While this friend thought the two would make a great fit, Dami wasn’t particularly into it. But as we say, love always wins in the end and now, the two are absolutely head over heels in love as they make their way into forever. We’re simply loving their beautiful pre-wedding photos while applauding the sweet love that they share.

Enjoy the #GDvibes21 pre-wedding shoot and love story below.


Their love story as shared by Dami:

Gbenga and I met in December 2016 via a mutual friend. I had just moved back to the US and was visiting my old church in Houston. I remember receiving a call after service from our mutual friend who asked me point blank if I was in a relationship and further talked about this guy she thought would be a great match for me.

Even though I wasn’t dating anyone, I almost said yes to her, just because I wasn’t too keen on hookups. It must have been an angel from God that made me decide to let her know I was single. Lol. Our conversation ended with her assuring Gbenga will definitely be in touch. One day later, a day before my birthday, Gbenga called me. We had a great conversation and agreed to go on a date that weekend.

Some people will say Gbenga’s entry into my life was definitely God’s birthday gift to me that year. After our first date, I realised we had a few things in common, particularly as foodies. lol. Our conversations never seemed forced and I could totally be myself around him, I remember dozing off in the car after one of our dates ( lol me and sleep). With all the signs showing that Gbenga is a great guy, I kept fighting it and on numerous occasions even talked to him about hooking him up with other friends.

Regardless of all this, Mr Gbenga didn’t back down. I remember I had to travel to Detroit a couple of months after we met and Gbenga randomly called to say he would meet me up there and he wasn’t playing. We met up in Detroit and drove to Indiana to see my family together. He met my brother and sister who were seriously giving me eyes. My response? “He is just a friend ooo”.😂

However, it was from that trip I really got to bond with Gbenga. On the day he was to fly back to Texas, we got to the airport hours earlier and had deep conversations that got us even more connected. A few weeks later, we officially started dating. Mr Bold, Gbenga! Not too long after we started dating in 2017, asked to follow me to London to attend my brother’s wedding!

I remember being so hesitant about it. like he will meet MY ENTIRE FAMILY, I wasn’t ready for that yet. Haha! On the 29th of November 2019, in the presence of my family, Gbenga asked me to be his wife. It was such an amazing proposal and I couldn’t have been happier.

Covid tried to ruin our wedding plans with so much back and forth on the date. But almost exactly 2 years after our proposal, during the thanksgiving celebration, we officially sealed it!! Mr and Mrs Yemidale!



Bride: @ms_quadry
Groom: @cincy2.0
Planner: @mimiluxe_events
Makeup: @adammakenneth
Red dress:
Pink dress: @anncranberry
Photography: | @akintayotimi 

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