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A Workplace Romance! Here’s How Ibukun & Ibukun Went From Colleagues to Lovers

Hey guys! today, we’re serving a piping hot dish of romance starring none other than Ibukun and Ibukun – yes, you heard that right, they share the same name! 😅 If that still doesn’t ring a bell, then check here for their sweet BN Bling.

Ibukun, couldn’t resist finding out more about his namesake at work. With a curious heart, he sought her out and they were formally introduced by a mutual friend. As a tactical guy, he invited his newfound crush to a Clubhouse group where he shot his shot and he clearly didn’t miss! Now, these sweethearts are on their forever journey and their pre-wedding shoot photos are filling our bellies with a thousand butterflies. They make a super cute couple and we are super stoked for them! They also exchanged their vows in a beautiful civil wedding ceremony – keep scrolling to enjoy.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by the bride, Ibukun:

Lol, I resumed at the head office in 2021 (during the COVID era) and we were divided into 2 teams which meant a team worked from home while the other team worked from the office each week. So, on this particular morning, I resumed at the office and a friend of mine immediately informed me that someone had been asking about me and his name is also Ibukun. Of course, I asked for a lot of details because I was curious to know who he was and why he was asking about me considering I had never heard of him before then. She gave me most of the details I wanted, down to the location of his work desk so I could check him out before we were introduced.

I went to my friend’s desk at the close of business and while we were talking, she excused herself to get something. While I was waiting, he walked past me and then came back and said “You are Ibukun right?” and I was like yes (I intentionally acted like I didn’t know him so it didn’t seem weird) and he said “I am Ibukun too”. Coincidentally, my friend came in at about the same time and did the formal Introduction. He immediately took the opportunity to invite me to the clubhouse. Apparently, it was a shoot-your-shot session and he definitely shot his shot! It has honestly been bliss since then.

Prior to meeting him, I had a book where I wrote in detail, about the type of man I wanted and the qualities I wanted him to have, which I also prayed about. Ibukun ticked all my boxes, and he is just the man I had been praying for. I’m not even exaggerating; this man is all in one and I am grateful to God for him. I have never felt such ease and I can only say God gave me my own person.

Their love story as shared by the groom, Ibukun:

The journey started in 2021. I had been sent on an official assignment to one of our industrial business units and I briefly visited the head office while I was on break. While I was there, I remember someone telling me I had a namesake, but I didn’t give it much thought. A few weeks later I casually asked a colleague who was also my neighbour if he knew my ‘namesake’ as he was at the head office at the time.

He showed me a video she posted, and I knew at that moment that I had to meet her. A few months later I concluded my official assignment and was to move back to the head office. The effects of COVID were still lingering and remote work was in full force. The policy at work was to have teams come into the office bi-weekly and I realized we were assigned to different teams; I was low-key pained lol. As fate would have it, they reshuffled the teams a few weeks later and we were then assigned to the same team.

A few days to resumption I asked another friend if she knew Ibk and she said they were friends so I told her to introduce us. I was eager to meet her in person because there was just something about the way people spoke about Ibk that had me intrigued. But when I finally saw her in person, I was love-struck. She was standing alone in the office and just looked so beautiful. I walked up to her and said “Hi, you are Ibukun right? I’m Ibukun too”.

She still teases me about that line today. Apparently, my friend already told her someone asked about her so she knew about me. She then went ahead to do the formal introduction and I used the opportunity to invite her to a clubhouse group, where I shot my shot later that night in a bid to know her better. We got closer, hung out, and had a few more dates. It was clear I had found my person. That was the beginning of our “Happily Ever After”!

Check out the lover namesakes civil wedding portraits:


Makeup: @wunmique
Planner: @eventsbymilola
Photography: @damimanuels

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