Isaiah & His Twin are Showing Us How To Make an Entrance!

Weddings are so delightful and we just can never get enough! Remember Isaiah and Moji whose love story began from “first sight”? If you don’t you certainly want to catch up here.

Isaiah and his baby girl have gone on to seal the deal at the altar and they’ve been serving us special moments from their big day. Today, we’re drawing energy from the dapper groom and his twin brother.

As they made their reception entrance with the squad, the duo were sure to put on a whole show. These brothers did not just pass the vibe check – they are the vibe! The squad also understood the assignment and came correct with the vibe. Their dance skills, sync and positive energy have us right where we want to be – in cloud 9. We bet you’ll love every second of this video.

Enjoy the video below and catch more trending videos here.

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