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The #DFabunion Pre-wedding Shoot + Love Story will have you Smiling

Just imagine meeting your love at your friend’s wedding, it’s kinda like a perfect scenario.

The beautiful bride-to-be, Oluwafarabaledamilola and her prince charming, Deji met in Kaduna at a mutual friend’s wedding. Immediately Deji saw her he couldn’t take his eyes off her and was attracted by her beauty. Even though he didn’t get to shoot his shot that day, Instagram brought them closer and nowhere they are, ready to walk down the aisle together.

Here’s how it all started according to the bride-to-be, Oluwafarabaledamilola:

I first saw him at one of my close friend’s wedding in Kaduna, I was like okay fine boy with good height but that was it. I think at some point I asked him to dance, after a few steps I realized uncle could not dance, I decided to move away and continued having fun. I did not know uncle was already tripping.


After my friend’s wedding, I was going through the pictures via the hashtag on Instagram when I saw his picture and I followed his page. A few minutes later, Oga was in my dm asking how my flight back to Lagos was and tried to have a conversation but I was truly not interested. A few days later, my friend calls to tell me someone likes me and has been disturbing her about me and wanted to know if I was single, I’m like okurrr?. I told her yes I was single but not ready to mingle but we could be friends anyway. This person happens to be Deji ?. We continued our Instagram dm chats till he asked for my number two days after, we realized we had so much in common and just clicked, we would talk for hours. Two months after, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and the journey led us here, about to say I do forever

Here’s how the groom-to-be, Deji recalls their meeting:

I met OluwafarabaleDamilola at a friend’s engagement wedding in Kaduna on the 30th of March, 2018. I got to the venue a bit late and was famished so I decided to get myself something to eat inside the house while the engagement was still ongoing. Suddenly, a dark beautiful, breath-taking, charming Princess strolled into the house, looking all different from every other girl at the event. I stood amazed and at that moment I knew I just had to get her. I couldn’t get my eyes off her, I looked for every opportunity to fixate my gaze on her. After a while we were officially introduced by a mutual friend and instead of me to shoot my shot, I shied away. I left the event that day feeling like a dull boy but I knew deep down that we would connect again. Unknown to me, cupid was listening. We eventually found each other on Instagram and started talking and before you know it, well like they say, the rest is history.




Planner: @bankysuevents
Makeup: @y_glam
Bride’s outfit: @pink__buttons
Photography: @debolastyles

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