This First Look Prank Will Have You Blushing the Entire Day!

If asked for our top 5 most beautiful highlights of a wedding, the couple’s first look reaction will always be a part of it!

That surreal moment where one gets to see their spouse for the first time on their wedding morning is simply beautiful and emotional. Now, how about adding a bit of fun to it? This gorgeous bride, Ebun decided to pull a first look prank on her husband, Tolu by switching places with his friend! We did get a reaction quite alright – a very hilarious one! 😂 We’ve got to give props to the bridal party for getting in the game and playing their part to pull the funny prank. Of course, minutes later, Ebun appeared for the original first look and it was all so special! From the prank to her hubby’s demeanour as he expected to be pranked again but saw his beautiful bride instead… Everything about this first look moment has us blushing so hard.

We can’t help but swoon at the love they both exude. Their chemistry is simply out of this world and we can’t stop going back to the video over and again! We bet you’ll be swooned by this mushy moment as well! So, prepare to blush right now and every single time the videos cross your mind. Rest assured, the moment will be crossing your mind a whole lot after watching! 😉 You can also check out more trending wedding videos here.

Enjoy the videos below.

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