Zainab & Ibuanu’s Moroccan Desert-Themed Dinner Party Was an Intersection of Love, Family and Adventure!

Finding love is such a sweet feeling and we bet Zainab and Ibuanu will agree with us. 😍

Seeing that love doesn’t only unite two people but also their families, Zainab and Ibuanu hosted their friends and family to an unforgettable ‘Moroccan desert-themed dinner party’ in anticipation for their special day. Great food, music and overall great vibes were the order of the day. They treated their guests to local delicacies and unique cultural entertainment that captivated everyone throughout the night. It was a perfect warm-up lap before the big day and It was such a delight seeing how they gave an opportunity for bonding between their family and friends. This was indeed an unforgettable night and their photos proof that they had so much fun!

Enjoy their welcome dinner photos below and see their white wedding here:

Yes, Zainab glows in the dark 😍

Serving sweet love and beauty!

Let’s get this welcome dinner started!


Lovebirds coming through!


It’s night full of fun and laughter


A perfect way to end the night – Belly dancing and fire stunts 🔥


Love lives here! 😍


Bride @zay.ysf
Planner @lajetfete
Makeup @thequeenhadassah
Hair @moshbridal
Dress @alonuko_bridal
Videography @xwmedia
Location @ksarcharbagh

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