These 7 Tips by Mo will Help you Choose the Right Budget Vendors

Are you planning a wedding on a strict budget?

Planning a wedding can be a major task. If you have a strict budget, it can be an even more challenging task.

Wedding planner, Mo of  Mo of The Pearl Jacob Events is here to help you navigate choosing the right vendors to fit your budget and few tips to help with some parts of the planning process. If you can DIY some parts of the planning, it will be a great addition. Reducing your guest size and choosing a venue that is fully equipped. You’d definitely want to hear all of her 7 tips in the video below. If you missed her other hacks and tips on wedding planning, it’s a perfect time catch up on her 5 tips on planning the wedding of your dream, find out how you can get your perfect wedding vendor. and what to consider when choosing your wedding vendors.






Planner & Video: @thepearljacob

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