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How Kofo & Babalola Came to be Will Have You Grinning! Enjoy Their Pre-wedding Shoot

Kofo and Babalola’s perspectives of their love story are hilarious and sweet at the same time! 😅 You should grab your popcorn as we let you in on all the juicy details of how it began.

These lovebirds met as undergraduates at the University. Babalola had collected Kofo’s contact after he saw her photo on a mutual friend’s social media. Time passed and there was little to no communication between them. Not until they crossed paths again one fateful day in school and this led to a confrontation.

This moment led to them building a beautiful friendship and now it is a sweet ride to forever! Today we are totally gushing over their gorgeous pre-wedding photos. Their heart-melting smiles and chemistry are proving to us that love is indeed beautiful. You will catch yourself smiling as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos below.

Their love story as shared by Kofo:

I met Babalola in my 3rd year of undergrad (I think it was June 2013). I was going to a friend’s birthday party. My friend (Mide) took a picture of the two of us and posted it as her blackberry display picture. A while later, she tells me there was this cool guy that she knows, that saw my picture and would like to get to know me and asked for my number. I was hesitant as I usually am when someone tries to set me up, but I asked to see a picture of him. I eventually told my friend, Mide that I never heard from the boy and moved on.

One day, Seyi (another friend) and I were taking a stroll when we saw Babalola pass by. Seyi then insisted on walking up to Babalola to talk to him about not calling me, which surprised me. Babalola explained that he was busy, he had exams but that he would call me. Eventually, one day he sent me a text and we started talking more from there. We have talked every day since then (well almost every day).

Right after undergrad, Babalola had to travel to the US for his Master’s programme sometime in July 2015. We kept on talking, and although we had no labels we were talking exclusively ( some millennial stuff….haha). Two years in, we continued talking as friends despite the time difference. At this point, I also began to think about my future post-NYSC, now that I had graduated. So, I decided to also pursue a post-graduate degree outside of Nigeria.

I got very busy trying to plan for the school. Even after getting admission, I was still busy trying to organize funding for my degree program. This was a stressful period so I wasn’t talking with him as much as I usually would. Meanwhile, he was secretly conspiring with my housemates to visit Nigeria during Christmas and pay a surprise. He came with gifts, and we were both so excited to see each other and catch up. Which reassured me that there was still good chemistry between us.

Thankfully, I was eventually able to get my student visa to travel to the US for my post-graduate degree program. On the 27th of January 2018, less than a week after I arrived in the US, he paid me a surprise visit again at school and asked me to be his girlfriend. A couple of years later, here we are…

Their love story as shared by Babalola:

Well, I won’t say what she said. It was sometime on a beautiful day in 2013. It was the first half of the year before that long ASUU strike we had in 2013 across universities in Nigeria. I had Mide on my contact list and saw that Mide posted a picture of Kofo and someone else on her blackberry story. I asked her who the babe was, and she responded that it was her hot friend and sent me her blackberry pin.

I added Kofo to my blackberry friend list, and (to correct Kofo) I texted her on blackberry. We had exchanged a few blackberry messages, but the conversation didn’t kick off into anything. Then the ASUU strike happened, and everyone was out of school for about 7 months including myself. We got back to school the following year, in January. At that time, I was in my final year and working on my final research project.

Once we got back to school, we were told exams would be held in a month. So of course, with exams and my final research project, I was busy. One day, I was working on trying to sort through my busy schedule when I run into Kofo and a guy, her friend. The guy (who I knew) walks up to me and says he’s a friend of Kofo. So Seyi and I walked back towards Kofo, and we (Kofo and I) exchanged a few pleasantries. Then I told her I would text her, which I did and from there we started texting more regularly and within the next 3 months started getting more serious.

As Kofo said, we decided to remain friends and be honest about the people we were seeing, and we were both very transparent about it. After a while though, I wasn’t seeing anyone, but Kofo was seeing someone else, and I started to feel a little sad about it. This made me realize that any connection that I was trying to build with someone else was always a yardstick of what I had with Kofo. I spoke with a few friends about how I was feeling and made up my mind to ask her out. I tried to one or two times while I was briefly in Nigeria, but none of my other attempts panned out, as “Detty December” was always in the way with so many friends/events lined up.

Now, once she got to the US, I was able to get my chance alone with her. I told her I was going to order her a pizza, and have it delivered to her place …. but instead, I showed up myself to deliver the pizza in person and surprise her. The day after this “in-person” pizza delivery surprise, we went out to a romantic dinner, and I asked her officially to be my girlfriend. I slipped a card under the sweet and savoury dessert with some sweet words about our years of knowing each other and I ended it with a message saying that “I am asking you to be my girlfriend today so that in a couple of years, I’ll ask you to be my wife.” Four Years, Three Months, Two Weeks and some days later, I asked her to be my wife and here we are about to be Mr & Mrs.


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