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We’re Absolutely Relishing These 9 Sweet Moments From Our 3 Pasta and Chill Dates!

Hi Fam!

We’re still basking in the euphoria of the #NewlyNearly month brought to you by BellaNaija Weddings and Golden Penny. It has been an amazing month of fun, entertainment and learning. We just can’t get enough of all the excitement that came with the #NewlyNearly Pasta and Chill Fridays where we got the opportunity to chill and connect with you and your fam. We’re certain you also enjoyed the bonding time with your boo, friend or fam over interesting movies and delicious bowls of yummy Golden Penny Pasta.

We really came to looking forward to Friday nights because it’s Pasta and Chill O’clock. Every Pasta and Chill Friday was a hit back to back! It also got even more interesting with each one with funny online interactions, data giveaway and so much more. So, in that euphoric mood, let us go over all our favourite moments of Pasta and Chill from the very first night!

For our very first Pasta and Chill night, we saw the movie, “Just In Time” and it was simply perfect for the time. Little Ashley and Nana reminded us of our childhood and we just had to go back in time and reminisce on all our favourite childhood games.

We couldn’t help but love the richness of our African culture as the movie characters did so well to blend it in perfectly.

So many emotional moments, we literally emptied our “Aww” basket and filled it up again!

Then on the 19th of March, we went again because our first date was such an exciting experience and you know what they say… “If it’s nice, do it twice!” This time, we saw the movie, “Who’s the boss?” A very refreshing movie about love, self-discovery and emancipation. We loved every bit of it and had lots of beautiful moment while at it.

These were some of our favourite moments;

We had Lekan, in the movie reminding us of that one friend that we all have who seem to have their way with words.

Then the friendship portrayed in the movie buttressed the importance of great friends!

Still, on friendship, the moment we had you giving shout-outs to all your friends who mean a lot to you was def one beautiful moment we wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

On the 26th of March, we had our final Pasta and Chill Friday for the #NewlyNearly month and there are not enough words to fully describe the thrill. Seeing the movie, Namaste Wahala, we had so much fun at it, interacting with you and enjoying a lovely pasta.

Speaking of pasta, our biggest highlight was when BellaNaija HQ surprised us with a Crunch’n’Chill package consisting of pasta, snacks, fruits and refreshing Zobo to enjoy the night with!

Then we delved into the movie proper and had many more amazing moments. When we asked for your parents’ reaction to meeting bae for the first time, the many sweet, hilarious and thoughtful responses definitely made our night more special.

You already know how much we love love and so, the phenomenon of love, at first sight, will always be a thrill to us!

The food competition also got us talking…

In all, we had an amazingly splendid month with the 3 Pasta and chill nights and we bet you did too!

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