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Uche Went From Pamela’s “Brother-in-the-Lord” to The Love of Her Life!

We’ve heard of many zones, the most unanimously “avoided” one, being the friendzone. But have you heard of the “brother-in-the-lord” zone? 😅 Well, that’s the zone Pamela placed Uche when they first met in 2016.

Pamela and Uche met for the first time in the university and while Uche tried getting to know Pamela, she wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about returning the same energy. So how then did a love story emerge? Well, Pamela gives us the full gist. Keep scrolling to find out. Their pre-wedding photos and all the chemistry they exude will absolutely make your day.

Enjoy the lovely photos from their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

Their love story according to Pamela:

I met Uche in 2016 at the University of Port Harcourt as an undergraduate student. I always saw him as a brother in the Lord. 😂 On a certain day, he invited me to his prayer meeting. I declined of course because it looked like a strategy to get to know me better. Fast forward to 2017, after several attempts to get my attention, I agreed to be his girlfriend.

He was so sweet, he only wanted me to be the best version of myself, he encouraged me to be self-reliant and disciplined, his passion and zeal for business pushed me to be a better person just watching him. I started working on my ushering company business and also started my footwear brand. Uche bought me books rather than flowers. He gave me his grandma’s sewing machine to use for my business.

We really didn’t care about much but just being happy even though we had tough times and went on several breaks but he always kept reaching out, and if I’m being honest our Love for each other was intact through it all. He never gave up, even when I was forming “hard guy”. He fought for our relationship and we got back to dating, to the glory of God. I’m excited to spend the rest of my life with Uche because I know this man – he is a good man with a selfless spirit. I love you Obim.




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